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I was born a first-generation American to hard-working Brazilian immigrants.  My childhood was spent moving from one home to the next as my parents did their best to seek the best opportunities for their kids. As a child, I would lay on my bed for hours pouring over floor plan magazines and the open house sections of our local papers.  I would dream of what it would be like to have a home of my own.  By the time I graduated high school, I had more than 25 past addresses under my belt spread from LA to DC to the Central Florida suburbs.

After college I intended to continue my transient adventures and thought it would be fun to start my life with a few months in the Bay Area before I moved onto other cities. My plans changed quickly when in my first week I realized how much I loved it here.  The people, the sights, the opportunities, the neighborhoods.  It was all exactly what I dreamt of for myself and more.  This was home.  

I transitioned into a life in real estate after a career as an Emergency Room nurse.  I approach my business with the strong work ethic my parents instilled in me, with the critical thinking skills and levelheadedness I developed in the ER, and with the utmost respect for my clients and the homes they are searching for or moving on from. My husband and I enjoyed many years of bustle and fun in San Francisco proper and now call the thriving East Bay home.  I love helping my clients explore neighborhoods on both sides of the Bay Bridge that will fit their lifestyles and budgets best.

When I’m not walking through homes, or advising my clients, I love spending time at home with my family. My husband and I had a lovely baby girl in the Fall of 2017 and she’s filling our home with lots of joy.  We also have two pups and two kitties that keep us busy.  I also enjoy hiking, gardening, dancing, and taking on overly ambitious pinterest projects.  I love building relationships with my clients, and look forward to catching up with them frequently over lunch and coffee.  When you work with me you have a knowledgeable Realtor, an advisor, and a friend for life.

I am always incredibly honored to be there for my clients in some of the most momentous times in their lives.  Our homes are more than just structures, they are our bases, our touchstones, our refuges in life.  They bring us together, they fill with our mirth, they protect us and allow us to grow.