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Simone Koga

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  • Delal A. | Seller

    Simone was extremely responsive throughout the entire process. She managed the relationship professionally and calmly handled all obstacles. She's also great with strategy and measures how she gives advice showing that she understands people and their homes to be a personal asset with emotional attachment.
  • Jon B. | Seller

    We worked with Simone on selling our apartment, she was very on top of all that was going on in the market, had a great strategy, was very communicative and gave us great advice.
  • Walter C. | Seller

    I work with Simone Koga, since 2013. My sinecerly experience is that Simone Koga is very dedicated, honest and a professional very competent.
  • Jessica G. | Seller

    Simone was wonderful! She was calming and clear and available to answer all of my questions.
  • Emily W. | Seller

    Simone was so helpful during the sale of our home and we couldn't be happier with her results.
  • Alison F. | Buyer

    Simone is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is very responsive, knows her stuff, and immediately puts you at ease. You know you are in good hands with her. I would not hesitate to recommend her or to work with her again!
  • Lauren J. | Buyer

    We found Simone by chance and were so lucky! I will recommend her to all of my friends who are now jealously eyeing the amazing place she helped us win and close on. She is easy to talk to and takes responsibility and quick action and can be tough when needed. Despite our inexperience, she kept us feeling informed and calm throughout the process, answering our questions at all hours and helping us keep the pressure on our lender and the selling agent. I would recommend her to anyone and will definitely use Simone again!
  • Steven F. | Buyer

    Simone has been fantastic to work with. She is super responsive, really knowledgeable about the Bay Area real estate market with a focus on SF, and extremely outgoing and personable. I never got that pushy vibe from Simone and she worked really hard to show me great properties that fit what I was looking for. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a buying agent for people new to the real estate scene, especially first time home buyers.
  • Buyer

    Simone took the time to drive us round several open houses, giving us an honest summary of them. She didn't push us at all into making offers, but when we did she pursued it very diligently. She was always quick to respond to our questions, was organized and continued to be helpful even when we had completed the purchase. We honestly highly recommend her.
  • Chris H. | Buyer

    Simone really understands...well everything. She understands the local neighborhoods, she is extremely knowledgeable in the processes involved in buying a home, she is extremely responsive, even helping to find interesting ways to talk to me while I was away on overseas travel, and also has great negotiation skills. Seriously, 5 stars across the board, and thank you so much for your help throughout this process Simone. I highly suggest her, and will also be suggesting her in the future, to friends who are looking for places as well. Purchasing a house is one of the most important purchases for anyone, and even with that said, I am still more than happy to suggest her to friends who are also looking to buy. She is exactly the type of person you need when making such an important purchase.
  • Lynn H. | Buyer

    Simone is very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Before we chose to work with Simone, we interviewed 7 or 8 real estate agents out there. The reasons we chose Simone was because she really listened to our needs. She had good strategy and small tips here and there in helping clients to win the bid. So we decided to go with her and she had proved that our decision was right. By working with her, I can tell that Simone wants what is right for us not just wanting to close the deal. All in all, very pleased with the advice and service we received. Highly recommended.
  • David W. | Buyer

    Being a first time home buyer, I was incredibly cautious of every move I made towards the purchasing of my ideal home. I met with several agents and none of them seemed right. The first time I talked to Simone, I knew she was the one. Simone is genuinely honest, thorough with my inquiries and very approachable but most importantly, she gave me the peace of mind that she was truly on my side and would do everything in her power to find the perfect home that I dreamed of. If you want an agent that you can trust, that will be on your corner of the ring at all times and that you can have a fun and enjoyable time with while making a monumental decision such as purchasing a home in the Bay Area, Simone Koga is the right agent for you...I apologize if that sounded like a sales pitch, I worked in advertisement for many years and can't seem to shed that, but speaking fully frankly and candidly, Simone was the best agent that I could have wished for and to her all I can say is, "thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"
  • Tony B. | Buyer

    Simone helped me purchase my probate home. It was a smoking deal and Simone really helped me play my cards just right. She continues to stay in touch with the progress on the house, and other future potential deals. Simone goes beyond what most other agents would do. Simone is also on the cutting edge as far as communication and advertising. I highly recommend her to anyone.
  • Buyer

    Simone is absolutely the best Realtor in San Francisco. She is knowledgeable, clever, patient and well informed. I have been looking for over 6 months and finally closed on a house last week. Simone was there every step of the way, always calling me with new listings, dealing with the other realtors and answering my many questions. I genuinely could not be happier with her service and I would recommend her without hesitation.
  • Catherina L. | Buyer

    Simone went above and beyond to help us find and buy our dream home last year. As first-time home buyers we were unfamiliar with the competitive market, bidding strategy, negotiations and closure. She worked to show us properties that were within our price range and condition. We ended up with a home that was ready to live in, within our budget, and in our neighborhood of choice. Simone walked us through all of it with a level head, solid advice, and no pressure. Our loan approval process was difficult, but Simone kept the communication flowing between all parties, and kept us from losing our wits. I highly recommend working with Simone, especially first-time buyers.
  • Julia G. | Buyer

    I worked with Simone to purchase my first home in SF, and I would highly recommend her as a real estate agent. She made the entire process so easy and stress-free. When visiting open houses, she knew all the right questions to ask and potential concerns to look out for. She is extremely knowledgeable about the local market and was quickly able to zoom in on what we were looking for, so we didn't waste any time looking at things that weren't right for us. When the time came to make an offer, she provided solid guidance without any pushiness and acted quickly to put our offer together. In this competitive market, I'm so glad we had Simone on "our team". Without her I'm not sure we would be in our dream home today. Thank you, Simone!
  • Rich B | Buyer

    From the moment we started working with Simone, we knew she was on top of the game. The way she presents personalized data for each property is very helpful. She really listened to us and helped us find properties in which we were interested, even when our wishes changed (sometimes daily!). She wasn't afraid to push for information that wasn't immediately available to us and was very honest when discussing potential issues. The market right now can be a little frustrating and scary for buyers and Simone made it a much better experience than we could have expected.
  • Lisa L. | Buyer

    Simone was excellent to work with. She was incredibly responsive with the right level of aggressiveness we needed to secure us with our SF home in this crazy market. I would highly recommend Simone!
  • Stacy | Buyer

    Simone helped me buy my first home, which is challenging in so many ways, especially in San Francisco. She helped me navigate the waters of getting my mortgage, helped me understand what to expect, and answered my many many questions. I can't thank her enough for making something so big much easier.