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Welcome to Uptown District

The Uptown District in downtown Oakland is considered to be both the arts and entertainment center of the city, as well as one of the fastest growing home markets. This combination draws a vibrant crowd of young professionals to its buildings.

Nightlife and access to entertainment are literally at the doorstep in the Uptown District. Urban life is made easy by the access to the BART station and the freeway. The Fox Theater hosts major artists, and other live music is always available at venues like The New Parish and other clubs. The arts scene is also thriving, with a monthly gallery walk - The Oakland Art Murmur, and frequent new exhibitions at the Oakland Museum of California. It’s possible to spend every night out - if you’re so inclined - and never repeat a menu item or piece of art.

Believe it or not, nature is also nearby. Beautiful Lake Merritt is just minutes away, and the inland lagoon lake is both a wildlife sanctuary and a great place for outdoor recreation. It’s always busy with walkers, joggers, and boaters out on the water. If you see a gondola floating by - it’s not the sun in your eyes - there really are gondola rides available, as well as some great waterfront restaurants.

There are still opportunities for purchasing apartment buildings and single-family homes that range from converted Victorian style properties to frame homes, but the bulk of the homes today take advantage of the views and activity access that condominiums and apartments supply.

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