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Welcome to The Laurel District

The Laurel district blends a newly energized business area on MacArthur Boulevard with a blend of 1920s and ‘30s bungalow and Mediterranean styles, and a dash of post-war modern. The area grew along with the Oakland industries in the years following the San Francisco Earthquake - by 1920, it had its own connection straight into downtown via the Key Route Rail System - it ran along what is now MacArthur. 

The appeal of smaller homes and proximity to the shopping and dining like nearby Fruitvale (also the site of the closest BART station), College Avenue, and Lakeshore have made this a popular destination for families in recent years. They, along with older residents, are avid supporters of the local farmer’s market, affordable ethnic restaurants, and comfortable coffee shops like the World Ground Cafe and Peet’s Coffee. 

The sense of community in “The Laurel” shows in its local event scene. The Street Fair World Music Festival is an annual event that promises all ages a dynamic good time - bringing world music, art, cuisine, and culture together for an invigorating day every summer. Further indicators of a healthy community spirit are monthly Night Markets and outdoor movie nights.

Get the feel for life in The Laurel by visiting the main thoroughfare of MacArthur, especially between 35th and High Street. You’ll see community art pieces on walls along the street, and get some glimpses of the past history - like the neon business signs from the boulevard’s previous use as U.S. Highway 50, the old Laurel Theater building, and a diverse blend of shoppers and shop owners. 

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