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Welcome to Rockridge

The Lower Rockridge area in Berkeley has humble neighborhood beginnings. Nestled at the foot of the Oakland Hills between Alcatraz Avenue and 51st Street, its bungalows and cottages were just starting to be built back in the early 1900s. Now, they’re just the thing for - well, just about anyone. There’s a pleasant mix of all ages, University professionals, young professionals who love the easy commute from the local BART station, and families. Buyers can expect updated homes and shopping for any lifestyle - Rockridge is popular, for a lot of reasons.

The steady influx of buyers is supported by addition of shopping developments like The Ridge, as well as fine ethnic cuisine, an active nightlife scene, and terrific transit options. Rockridge is high on walkability and College Avenue really does invite a stroll at any time of the day. It’s a fizzy cocktail of one part city life, a dash of sense of place, and a garnish of great schools. 

Enjoy the scene at a spot like the Golden Squirrel or Philz Coffee, and you’re likely to see families, couples, and neighbors. Hit the endearingly named Frog Park for a fun afternoon at a community-built children’s play area, or just chill out in your backyard - because in Rockridge, they still have them.

In contrast to the area along the base of the hills, most of Upper Rockridge has been rebuilt since the 1991 fires. The homes were built larger and grander, while still fitting in with the traditional Bay Area architecture.
Views are a feature, as well as winding streets that snake up the hillsides. Lake Temescal and the Claremont Country Club edge the Upper Rockridge area, taking advantage of the open land. While recreational opportunities may loom a bit closer, everything else is still within easy range - just down the hill. 

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