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Welcome to Oakmore District

Private and unique, Oakmore was built as a “model community” in 1926 - carved out of the hills by builder Walter Leimert - whose name lives on in the name of the famous bridge and Boulevard. The west-facing hillside location was reached by the “Miracle Bridge” that spanned Diamond Canyon. The tree-lined streets are serene and have a variety of classic homes in styles from the 1920s and 30’s - you’ll see Mediterranean, Tudor, Arts and Crafts in the area, as well as some traditional styles - even some highly contemporary homes. There are also occasional listings for duplexes in Oakmore. 

Located above the Dimond District and along Highway 13,  this enclave isn’t as well-known, but quite desirable for families and individuals who are looking for quiet, as well as almost immediate access to outdoor activities. With Dimond Canyon park running along the northeast side of the neighborhood, it’s possible to walk out your door and right into redwood-dotted hiking trails. The Friends of Sausal Creek group is active in maintaining the creek that runs through the canyon, and frequently hosts activities.

As it was designed as a bedroom community from the outset, Oakmore doesn’t have a big  business district. It’s not a burden on the residents, who have easy access to Dimond, Glenview, and Montclair for shopping and dining. For immediate needs, there is a small commercial area that hosts a market and some local businesses. Residents love their quiet neighborhood and its privacy in the hills. 

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