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Welcome to Montclair District

Once you start to hit the Montclair area of the Oakland Hills, you may feel as if you’re far away from the rest of Oakland - but you’re not. Part of the illusion is the general look of this area - pine trees, wilderness out your windows, and some incredible looking real estate. There’s also a lot of quaint charm - Montclair is home to architecture that ranges from “Storybook Houses” to rustic Mid-Century Modern looks to expansive new construction after the Oakland fires. What it all has in common is the outstanding hill locations of the area.

Roughly bordered by Piedmont to the west, and Contra Costa County to the east, Montclair is exemplary for the sheer amount of outdoor recreation that is literally at the door. Hiking? Redwood Regional Parks and Joaquin Miller Park are magnets for bikers, hikers, equestrians, and trail runners. The Montclair Railroad Trail connects right at the parking garage in the Village shopping district. 

Montclair’s ability to feel a bit away from it all is assisted by the Village - it has more than 100 retailers. Advertising themselves as “Oakland’s most vibrant commercial district,” the area supports the community with a wide variety of services, restaurants, and shops. For those who want to strike out a bit further for activities, the forested hills also offer gems like the Woodminster Summer Musicals -  “Oakland’s Broadway in the Redwoods since 1967”, the Chabot Space and Science Center, and even more hiking trails.

The laid-back vibe of Montclair will be easily appreciated if you stop off for breakfast at Montclair Egg Shop, hit the local farmers market or a street fair, or just enjoy a stroll on one of the paved hiking trails. It’s hard to believe that the Rockridge BART station is a mere 10 minutes away. 

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