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Welcome to Gourmet Ghetto

Both neighborhood and foodie destination, Gourmet Ghetto is unique in Berkeley. Situated on the north side of the university, the neighborhood developed its culture in the early 1970s - it’s where Chez Panisse, Peet’s Coffee, the Cheese Collective - and a few other places you may have heard of - were born. The local food movement was strong, the scene was passionate and the rest was culinary history.

Centering on Shattuck Avenue, the district was named for the restaurants that often became legends - and are still part of the scene. Residents can stroll along to any number of cafes, and quaint shops, and pick up natural wardrobes, amazing coffee, and just people watch. (Sneak in for the lunch specials at the Cafe above Chez Panisse!) The sidewalk dining scene is big, and the food amazing. The local mix is young professionals, university employees, students, and retirees, who relish the unique atmosphere and walkability of the neighborhood. Demand for homes is high. You’ll see a variety of architecture in the area - everything from custom contemporary to California bungalows. 

Community activities are plentiful, as you would expect. The local Live Oak Park hosts festivals - it’s also the site of the community theater an art center, several playing fields, tot-friendly playgrounds, and hiking paths. The Berkeley Arts Center is nearby, and the university hosts events year-round. Residents are surrounded by all sorts of stimulation - but the neighborhood still feels like Berkeley.

Despite the local appeal, commuting is still easy from Gourmet Ghetto. The Downtown and North Berkeley BART stations are very close, and there are a number of Silicon Valley corporate shuttles that pick up in the vicinity. 

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