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Welcome to Berkeley Hills

North of the university, with a pedigree of top architectural works, fantastic period revival styles, and well-preserved older homes, this is one of Berkeley’s most desirable neighborhoods. The hillsides face onto gorgeous Bay views or redwoods, the residents range from university professors to families that lucky enough to find a home that’s both near the spectacular Tilden Park and everything Berkeley has to offer. 

Tilden Park covers one border of the Berkeley Hills Neighborhood, making access easy and the atmosphere even more exclusive. Tilden Park is a real gem. It has everything - truly. Botanical Garden, lake, steam train, plant nursery? Hiking trails, golf course, wildlife watching? Yes, all of these lie within the 2,079 acres of this wonderful East Bay public space. 

The logistics of the Berkeley Hills district are pretty perfect - even with no commercial center in Berkeley Hills, everything is available just down the hill. It’s quiet, peaceful, and possesses a beautiful balance of nature and architecture. Roam around a bit, and you’ll see homes designed by famous modern architects like Harwell Hamilton Harris and earlier Arts and Crafts icons like Bernard Maybeck. 

Berkeley Hills is also ideally positioned for access to the incredible food and arts scene of the area. No matter what sort of culinary or entertainment tastes arise, they’ll be just a few minutes away. The Gourmet Ghetto District and every type of ethnic cuisine are just down the hill in North Berkeley, along with the gallery scene and theater events that are part of the University environment. 

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