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Welcome to Berkeley 

Berkeley may have an image of a university enclave, but it’s so much more. It’s filled with amenities that appeal to everyone, and neighborhoods with their own personalities and sense of community.

The East Bay home of the University of California is eclectic, diverse and full of green and hilly beauty. Residents move here for the access to invigorating international culture and the arts - but also for the beauty and the access to outdoor recreation. Much of Berkeley maintains a high walkability score, and you’re likely to see a lot of bike and dog-walking traffic in the neighborhoods. 

Berkeley’s vibe always extends to casual sidewalk dining, good shopping, and a healthy lifestyle. It’s home to the Gourmet Ghetto, where Alice Water’s Chez Panisse began the local foods movement in the 70s. There’s a lot of sophistication beyond the tie-dyed stereotypes, and an appreciation for culture and the community. 

Architecture is also diverse in Berkeley - there are examples of homes by architects like Bernard Maybeck, Carl Fox, Richard C. Peters, Joseph Esherick and Julia Morgan. The range of homes available runs through most neighborhoods, with choices from Arts and Crafts to Victorian to contemporary. You’ll also see Spanish Revival, Story Book, and classic bungalows - the variety in incredible.

The best way to understand the appeal of Berkeley is to experience it firsthand. It’s easy to access, easy to walk, and easy to fall in love with. Tie-dye is not required - but you might want to bring a shopping bag along.

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