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Welcome to Allendale

The Allendale district is distinguished by its wide range of housing options and affordability. It’s a small neighborhood that was once a stand-alone town before Oakland annexed it early in the 1900’s. You’ll see single-family homes, duplexes, fourplexes and apartments, largely in the California Bungalow form, but also with some modern and stucco styles. 

Located between Fruitvale and Maxwell Park, and bordered on the north by Interstate 580, Allendale has good access to downtown Oakland for commuters, while still boasting the local elementary school: Allendale Elementary. It’s diverse, and partners strongly with the Allendale Recreation Center for after school programs and many other activities. They’re proud of instituting programs that were “designed for the community by the community”, and have activities like family soccer leagues and a community garden. Brookdale Park is located on the western side of Allendale, and also offers programs like cooking classes and afterschool help, the Discovery Science Center, and athletic fields. 

The neighborhood has a respectable walkability score, with the parks and school accessible by good sidewalks, and there are a few restaurants available - the Vientian Cafe is locally famous for its amazing Thai food. Nearby MacArthur Boulevard in Laurel has the better selection for retailers - it’s just across Interstate 580. 

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