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San Francisco Residential Real Estate Market Trends


A Comprehensive Statistical Overview by the Paragon Real Estate Group


Below are a variety of charts detailing overview market statistics and trends in supply and demand, inventory, unit sales, days on market, the Case-Shiller Index, median sales prices and average dollar per square foot figures in San Francisco and its neighborhoods. Generally speaking, monthly fluctuations up and down -- especially of median price -- are relatively meaningless unless continuing for an extended period of time. In real estate, the longer term trends, seen across a wide variety of statistical measurements, are the meaningful ones. Statistical definitions can be found below the charts.

Longterm Trends in Median House & Condo Sales Prices In San Francisco Housing values soared starting in 1995/1996 (after the early nineties recession). They continued climbing, except for a small dip after the dot-com bubble popped, until the 2006-2008 market peak (different neighborhoods peaked at different times). After the large drop subsequent to the September 2008 financial markets meltdown, annual median home prices for non-distress homes in San Francisco have remained remarkably stable despite monthly fluctuations up and down. Distress homes sell at a significant discount but are mostly clustered in the lower price ranges and the less affluent neighborhoods -- and there are often property-condition and deal-aggravation issues. Certain neighborhoods in the city are now beginning to show signs of renewed appreciation, but it is too early to come to any definitive conclusions. Median prices can be and often are affected by other factors besides changes in values, such as changes in buying trends or inventory, or seasonal factors.


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Longterm Trends in US, California & San Francisco Median Prices


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