Home Sales by District and Price


Home Sales by San Francisco District and Price

These charts show the breakdown of San Francisco home sales as reported to the city’s Multiple Listing Service in 2014 by 6/25/14. These analyses are sorted by city districts and neighborhoods by the number of transactions in different sales-price segments. Some of the districts contain neighborhoods and homes of widely varying values.

Whether you are considering a home purchase within a certain price range or contemplating the sale of your property in a certain neighborhood, this may give you a sense of what sells for how much where in San Francisco. The first chart is an overview for the entire city.

If you adjust your view to Zoom 125%, the charts will be that much easier to read.


These 3 charts below track San Francisco luxury home sales by price range and neighborhood in 2013. Rather arbitrarily, we designate the luxury segment as those condos, co-ops and TICs selling for $1,500,00 or more, and those houses selling for $2,000,000 and above. 


These statistics are based upon sales reported to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). All data herein is from sources deemed reliable but may contain errors and is subject to revision. All numbers should be considered approximate.2014 © Paragon Real Estate Group

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